William McGirr Nutrition Plans ~ LIfe Coaching

William has traveled the globe in search for adventure and health. Certified in whole food plant based nutrition, he leads a overly energetic Vegan lifestyle. Fitness training since his teens, the experience he has gathered through trial and error, and professional training is priceless.

Nutrition Plans ~ Life Coaching
If you are struggling with diet plans, diet pills, weight loss plans, pills workout routines, William can help direct, prepare and guide you to achieve your goals within a healthy and reasonable time frame. 
Imbalances in life are generally the combined effect of numerous choices that result in that one, and sometime multiple, reactions. For every action there is reaction. Thoughts, friends, environment, stresses, work, noise, water food, are all primary influential factors that may lead to an desired, undesired result. Book a 30/60 min consultation with William and see what changes, and modifications you can make to bring love and happiness into your life. Loose weight, increase mobility, self love, gratitude.  

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