432Hz C note ~ Root Chakra

      Muladhara ~ ‘Moola-dhaara’  is the Root (1st) Chakra according to new age hinduism and part of  the 1st Chakra (Ching) in ancient non-dualistic Shiva tantrik and Qigong beliefs.
      Imbalances in the Root Chakra may appear as anger, aggressiveness, anxiety, eating disorder, fear, nightmares, basic survival needs, loneliness, insecurities, feeling ungrounded, unconfident, abandoned, indecisive, depressed, anxious, addictions, phobias, obsessions.

      Allow our Quartz crystal bowl to help heal and provide vibrational energy to alleviate all symptoms related to this Chakra.
      Strengthen your connection to earth creating love and passion, release survival fears, create a healthy conduit for the transfer of energy to all other sections of your body, positive health improvements, abundance in all forms and a feeling of finally moving forward in life.

* Included: Striker stick, Rubber stick and O-Ring

  • The-Metaphysical.com guarantees a +/-5 Perfect Pitch for ever Quartz Crystal bowl. We can honestly say, you will literally feel the difference in vibration.
  • Hands on inspection is completed to ensure the resonance frequency is perfectly tuned, so our customers may experience the most relaxing, healing, therapeutic, spiritual connecting experience possible. 
  • 99.9% Pure Quartz Crystal is used in making our bowls, we guarantee the highest quality quartz is only used for a perfect resonance vibration. 
  • 100% Damage protection guarantee for delivery. 

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