432Hz B note ~ Crown Chakra

     Sahasrara is the Crown (7th) Chakra according to new age hinduism and is the primary point for the 3rd Chakra (Shen) in ancient non-dualistic Shiva tantrik and Qigong beliefs. 

      Imbalances in the Crown Chakra may appear as depression, confusion, loss of faith, mentally disconnected, dementia, epilepsy and schizophrenia. A feeling of being disconnected spiritually without any direction or purpose in life, always being in an ego state fully judgemental or completely unaware of your animal instinct nature of "me, me, me". Physically abnormalities and diseases arising continually without a root trigger or cause is likely to be a misalignment with the crown chakra, these symptoms are there as beacon signs to get you back on track.

      Allow our Quartz crystal bowl to help heal and provide vibrational energy to alleviate all symptoms related to this Chakra:
      .Connect to your Higher Self, suppress the ego nature of action without contemplation, cultivate deep, spiritual connection within yourselves, plants, animals and the universe.  Your choice of thoughts will literally control the open or closing of this chakra, help keep it open in times of need to strengthen and solidify an continuous uninterrupted connects with your divine self. 


* Included: Striker stick, Rubber stick and O-Ring

  • The-Metaphysical.com guarantees a +/-5 Perfect Pitch for ever Quartz Crystal bowl. We can honestly say, you will literally feel the difference in vibration.
  • Hands on inspection is completed to ensure the resonance frequency is perfectly tuned, so our customers may experience the most relaxing, healing, therapeutic, spiritual connecting experience possible. 
  • 99.9% Pure Quartz Crystal is used in making our bowls, we guarantee the highest quality quartz is only used for a perfect resonance vibration. 
  • 100% Damage protection guarantee for delivery. 

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