432Hz A# note ~ Third Eye Chakra - Pineal Gland

      Anja is the Third Eye (6th) Chakra according to new age Hinduism and still part of 3rd Chakra (Shen) in ancient non-dualistic Shiva tantrik and Qigong beliefs. 

      Imbalances in the Third Eye Chakra (Pineal Gland) may appear as headaches and migraines, nightmares, seizures, neurological disorders, personality disorders, neuroses, learning difficulties and hallucinations. A feeling of being overwhelmed, inability to process emotional and intellectual thoughts. Loss of intuition, poor judgments are often recognized when a your third eye is blocked, locked out from new creative ideas and off path of our true destiny. Poor sleep results lack of melatonin - a strong antioxidant produced only from sleep the heals the body removed most of the free radialized cell to help slow down aging. 

      Allow our Quartz crystal bowl to help heal and provide vibrational energy to alleviate all symptoms related to this Chakra:
      Strong Anti-aging effects, clarity, inspiration, innovative ideas, enhances your innate psychic abilities and spiritual connections. Combined with sunlight and watch your spiritual encounters strengthen and develop. Dreams will become my vivid, better recall when you wake up from dream as to the real meaning, message, release that is needed at that time. Intuitions will become stronger and clearer, connecting with the universal energies.

     This Pineal Gland has amazing benefits that are regularly being shut down from diet, lifestyle choices, choosing to over work and reduce sleep, not sleep when your body is telling you to. Having this bowl will work wonders on see the bigger picture, destiny picture and remove all fears of the unknown.


* Included: Striker stick, Rubber stick and O-Ring

  • The-Metaphysical.com guarantees a +/-5 Perfect Pitch for ever Quartz Crystal bowl. We can honestly say, you will literally feel the difference in vibration.
  • Hands on inspection is completed to ensure the resonance frequency is perfectly tuned, so our customers may experience the most relaxing, healing, therapeutic, spiritual connecting experience possible. 
  • 99.9% Pure Quartz Crystal is used in making our bowls, we guarantee the highest quality quartz is only used for a perfect resonance vibration. 
  • 100% Damage protection guarantee for delivery. 

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