Sacred Royal GREEN Hojari Frankincense Resin|Gum ~ Sorted

Origin:      Oman 
Species:   Boswellia Sacra
Part:         Resin
Method:   100% Wild Harvested 
Pack:        Sorted Hojari - Green/Light Green/Clear
Grade:      A1
Esoteric:   Sun

     The Boswellia Sacra tree naturally secretes this sap during barking and damage; healing stages. The-Metaphysical energies present in Oman deep underground are responsible for co-producing the environment necessary to yield a resin found nowhere else on the planet. Frankincense is known to be the only compound that can pass through the cellular membranes and heal, regenerate cells internally. Allowing for a true spiritual connection with one's higher self and activating their own internal healing capabilities. Exported for over 5000+ years to ancient pharaohs, kings and queens, mentioned in the songs of Solomon and throughout most ancient holy scriptures, Omani grade Frankincense is a wonderful lavishing experience. 

      Green/Clear Royal Hojari Frankincense is sourced from the youngest trees and/or branches. The Green sap emitted by the tree immune system during a healing, recovery stage occurs only one time. The section of the tree will never bleed the green again. Get it while its fresh, the green colour does not last due to oxidation. the chemical reaction of degeneration - oxidation will ultimately turn it yellow, beige, milking and thick in colour. This product is in limited supply, yielding in only perfect environment conditions, when available, we strongly recommend purchasing it in larger quantities.

      Sorted Royal Hojari bag, green, light green, dark green, clear will make up the majority of colours in this bag. This form of resin is the most enjoyable to chewy, eat and make teas with. Traditional receipts in Oman use sacred hojari gum in fine dishes. The aroma is like none other with this resin, though because of the cost, this resin is consider therapeutic grade and should be used accordingly.  

      Healing with Love & Gratitude... & Frankincense Gum.


  • Eating & Chewy
  • Tea
  • Cooking
  • Aromatic Charcoal Burning ~ Incense burning
  • Creams, Oils
  • Spiritual Offerings
  • Strengthen Spiritual Connection
  • Create an Energetic Space of Love and Healing
  • Cleanse Negative Spirits, Emotions and Stagnant Energies 
  • Purify your Air 

Use During:

  • Reiki & Energy Healing
  • Meditation
  • Massage
  • Yoga
  • Spiritual Events
  • Religious Events
  • Sacred Ceremonies
  • Psychic Channeling
  • Intuitive work

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