The Journey

      Life's journey, with no beginning or end, an awareness of the now moment that is relative only to those who find themselves in stillness. A skill that has for the more recent era in time, long been forgotten. A journey, a trail of experiences, a gathering of desires that are created consciously to manifest as the eye of the beholder see fit to co-create. With every choice there is a creation whether one chooses to believe it or not. How asleep most are questioning their own journey and the relativeness of awareness to their true self. Every trillionth of a second is a new opportunity to believe, create, manifest a different dimension of life, restricted only by the mind's belief. A path that is compounded by every positive or negative choice one chooses to act on or allow to roll around in the mind. All humans yearn for love, journeying in our own unique ways, to whichever degree we believe is suitable; limiting, the defining of a journey, labels a journey or experience all that it can be, but beautiful, as this defining has now been created into being, showcasing the powerful of humans manifestation abilities. How often is this ability viewed as negative? Through the mind's thought, an electrically transmission of programmability for all the cell and energy field, a journey's created, destroyed, transformed to any fashion of 'mindless' pleasure. Never underestimate your thoughts, for they create your journey, the quiet voice in your head can move mountains when properly directed to do so. 

      William McGirr; founder of has traveled the world in search of life's purpose, challenging all foundational beliefs taught & programmed to him since birth regarding the purpose of life, or lack there of. He embarked independently on a transformational journey of self discovery, aligning unbalanced energies, opening channels to his spiritual guides and intuitive abilities. Discovering his unique passion in servitude, with Love & Gratitude, William now offers help, information and products that are vibrationally healing and evolutionary for those who seek., as much a merchant website; selling tools aligned with healing and cleansing the body, mind and spirit, as it is, an initiative gateway, with services and William's Blog, for curious minds to find an alternative point of view on life, health, dIet, food, self-love including developing, expanding, exploring, manifesting, cultivating a positive spiritual~physical evolution. Quartz crystal bowls; sound therapy, yoga, reiki training, astrology, spiritual guidance, channeling, oils; aromatherapy, plant medicines, are, to name a few, the supporting influences in what will be partially offered through this website.; a manifesting conduit, perpetuating Love & Gratitude... 
"The only difference between 'Occult Magic' and 'Science' is time" ~ Unknown
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